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Tržna kapitalizacija kripto trga $10.049.672.881.130.120
Celotni obseg 24h $3.907.156.849


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ECOMI is a Blockchain-based digital asset ecosystem. It aims to provide the platform users with the opportunity to own assets in a form of collectibles. The ECOMI users can either buy, sell or trade their crypto-collectibles. By leveraging the augmented reality technology, the platform intends to bring the collectibles (users' assets) to the real world, where the owner can interact with them. Furthermore, the ECOMI ecosystem features the ECOMI Collect, a tool to protect the digital assets using the Blockchain technology, and the ECOMI secure wallet, where the user can safeguard not only his collectibles but also supported cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash). 

The OMI token is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency developed by the ECOMI ecosystem. This ERC20 token can be used for application and content access within the platform, as well as to access services available free of ongoing costs. In addition, the ECOMI Collect users have the possibility to earn free crypto-collectibles by staking their OMI tokens. 

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Cena v BTC-ju 0.00000003947183 BTC
Število kovancev v obtoku 204.524.519.424 OMI
Celotna zaloga kovancev 1 OMI
Tržna kapitalizacija $188.939.760
24h Promet (št. kovancev) 694.982.080 OMI
24h Promet (v valuti) $642.024
Zadnja posodobitev 2023-02-03 10:34:02 +00:00 GMT
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